Carbon Offset Projects

Carbonzero's portfolio of carbon offset projects includes third-party verified Canadian and International projects.

Carbon Offset Project Portfolio

Carbonzero is an established Canadian leader in providing businesses and individuals with carbon offsetting solutions. Our Carbon Offset Project Portfolio includes projects from within Canada, as well as International projects.

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SusGlobal Belleville Composting Offset Project

The SusGlobal Belleville Composting Offset Project, located in Roslin, Ontario, is a pioneering initiative publicly listed on the CSA CleanProjects Registry and third-party verified under ISO-14064-2.

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BC Greenhouse Biomass to Energy Project

The BC Greenhouse Biomass to Energy Project, situated near Abbotsford in the agricultural hub of British Columbia, signifies a forward-thinking approach to sustainable energy practices in greenhouse heating.

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Smart Soil Carbon Project

The Smart Soil Carbon Project is publicly listed on the CSA CleanProjects Registry and has been third-party verified under ISO-14064-2. This impactful initiative aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the adoption of conservation cropping practices.

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Ontario Greenhouse Biomass to Energy Project

The Ontario Greenhouse Biomass to Energy Project is located in Leamington and Flamborough, Ontario and reduces greenhouse gas emissions through the use of biomass to offset non-renewable thermal energy production.

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Niagara Escarpment Forest Carbon Project

This project promotes and maintains the function and diversity of ecosystems along Ontario’s Niagara escarpment.

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Nanaimo Landfill Gas Capture Project

The Nanaimo LFG Capture Project is located approximately five km south of downtown Nanaimo, British Columbia

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Great Bear Forest Carbon Project

The Great Bear Forest Carbon Project is based in British Columbia, Canada and is home to the world’s largest remaining intact coastal temperate rainforest.

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Thermal Residential Heating Aggregation Project

This project replaces conventional fossil fuel combustion heating with solar heating systems at private and commercial swimming pool locations across Canada.

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NL Climate & Ecosystems Conservancy Project

The project is a greenhouse gas mitigation initiative through engineered wetland systems for wastewater treatment.

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Niagara, ON - Landfill Gas to Energy Project

This project collects, captures and recovers landfill gas originating at Niagara, Ontario’s East Quarry Landfill, and processes it into a useable fuel source.

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Malawi Safe Water Supply Project

The Malawi Safe Water Supply Project is an initiative aimed at addressing the critical need for safe drinking water in Malawi.

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A-Gas Refrigerant Reclamation Project

The A-Gas Refrigerant Reclamation Project, located in Rhome, Texas, represents a strategic approach to environmental sustainability in the refrigerant industry.

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San Antonio El Sitio Wind Power Project

The project consists of sixteen 3.45 MW units of wind Turbine Generators for an annual average of 135.655 GWh of green electricity to the regional grid, meeting the demand of over 20,000 homes.

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Clean Cookstoves in Rural Nepal Project

The Clean Cookstoves in Rural Nepal Project is a Gold Standard certified carbon offset initiative that significantly enhances energy efficiency and public health in Nepal’s rural areas.

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Afognak Forest Carbon Project

Afognak Forest Carbon Project is the result of more than a decade of dedicated efforts to permanently preserve a truly special ecosystem.

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