The Smart Soil Carbon Project is publicly listed on the CSA CleanProjects Registry and has been third-party verified under ISO-14064-2. This impactful initiative aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the adoption of conservation cropping practices. As a voluntary project, it involves over 45 growers and covers almost 300,000 acres of land across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. The project leverages the Conservation Cropping Protocol (CCP) from the TIER Alberta regulatory system to transition farmers from full tillage to no-tillage practices. This not only cuts down on fossil fuel carbon emissions but also reduces nitrogen fertilizer emissions, making the farming operations more sustainable.

Beyond mitigating carbon emissions, the project offers a range of co-benefits like improved soil health, water conservation, and biodiversity enhancement. It goes a step further by carefully accounting for existing no-till farming practices and only crediting incremental increases in soil carbon, thereby ensuring additionality and a genuine commitment to environmental improvement. Validated by Alberta Environment and Protected Areas and in alignment with stringent TIER regulations, this project sets a high standard for sustainable agriculture, serving as a benchmark for future efforts in this area.

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Conservation Cropping




2018 - 2021

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