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Carbonzero assists organizations, governments, individuals and NGOs to measure, manage, and mitigate their climate impact while supporting projects that protect nature and give back to local communities.

We are a leader in corporate carbon management strategies and solutions and a provider of high-quality carbon offsets. Our approach, tools and services help our clients better understand and reduce their environmental impact.

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What is a carbon offset?

A carbon offset is a verified reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, developed to compensate or “offset” an equivalent greenhouse gas emission from another source that cannot be easily eliminated. Carbon offsets help mitigate climate change by providing financial incentives for reductions and creating new investments in ecological processes and new technologies.

Carbonzero Certified (CZC)

Carbonzero has developed the “Carbonzero Certified” (CZC) program to assist our clients in declaring carbon neutrality under a structure that maintains a high level of environmental integrity.

Featured Carbon Offset Projects

Carbonzero is pleased to provide our clients with carbon offset projects of different standards and varieties to assist in meeting with their carbon reduction goals. Learn more about our projects.

What is my carbon impact?

You’d be surprised. Up to 25 metric tonnes or more of greenhouse gas emissions are generated per person in North America annually.

Here are some average carbon impacts by mode of transportation and for heating your home. Where do you fit in?

4 tonnes

One 12 hour return flight

2 tonnes

Three months of driving

5 tonnes

One year of home heating

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