Niagara, ON - Landfill Gas to Energy Project


The Landfill Gas to Energy Project is publicly listed on the CSA CleanProjects Registry and has been 3rd party verified under ISO-14064-2 by ICF International. This project collects, captures and recovers landfill gas originating at Niagara, Ontario’s East Quarry Landfill, and processes it into a useable fuel source for distribution via pipeline to a nearby recycled paper mill.

Previously, a significant amount of landfill gas was released into the atmosphere where greenhouse gases contribute to the negative effects of climate change.

Upon distribution, the processed landfill gas is transported to one of two boilers located in the recycled paper mill’s steam plant where it is combusted in conjunction with natural gas, which significantly reduces the energy requirements of the facility and further mitigates their climatic impact.

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Landfill Gas Capture




2009 - 2016

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