A-Gas Refrigerant Reclamation Project


The A-Gas Refrigerant Reclamation Project, located in Rhome, Texas, represents a strategic approach to environmental sustainability in the refrigerant industry. This initiative, led by A-Gas US Inc., focuses on the recovery, reclamation, and resale of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) from a variety of refrigeration and air conditioning systems across the United States. Targeting common refrigerants such as R-134a, R-404a, R-407a, R-407c, and R-410a, the project processes these materials at an EPA-certified facility for resale, aiming to reduce the need for virgin HFC production and, consequently, greenhouse gas emissions​​​​.

A significant aspect of the project is its impact on emission reductions. To date, the initiative has achieved a notable reduction of 672,839 tonnes of CO2 equivalent, demonstrating its effectiveness in curbing greenhouse gases and contributing to efforts against climate change​​.

Compliance with environmental regulations and commitment to safety are key priorities of the A-Gas V6 Project. From the initial acquisition of used HFCs to their final resale, all operations adhere to strict safety and environmental standards. The employed technology ensures the reclaimed refrigerants meet AHRI 700 standards, ensuring they are safe and effective for reuse​​.

In summary, the A-Gas Refrigerant Reclamation Project offers a focused and effective method for refrigerant reclamation, playing a vital role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and advancing sustainable practices in the refrigerant industry. Through this project, A-Gas US Inc. contributes significantly to the broader effort of environmental sustainability.

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