Green Event Services

Carbonzero helps organizations of all sizes accurately measure and offset the climate impacts of their events, conferences, and trade shows.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventories are essential pieces of successful Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability programs. By completing a GHG Inventory, organizations gain a clear understanding of their carbon footprint so that a GHG reduction plan can be put in place.

Green Event Services Overview

Corporate events and conferences are important for bringing people together around a shared purpose, however the environmental footprint of events can be significant.

When hosted at large hotels and conference centres, events can be associated with intensive energy use, waste generation, and cross country travel that can amount to significant GHG emissions.

Carbonzero works with event organizers and planners to help reduce and offset an event’s carbon footprint, by focusing on the activities that produce the most GHG emissions.

Carbonzero's Green Event Services help businesses and event planners measurably demonstrate the climate benefits of their events.

Our Approach

We provide services for events ranging from small corporate conferences to large summer festivals. With our early involvement in the event planning process and green event planning expertise, we provide clients with insights to deliver climate friendly events.

For those looking to mitigate and offset their event's carbon footprint, Carbonzero also helps our clients host carbon neutral events under the Carbonzero Certified program.

When you work with Carbonzero on a Green Event, you can expect:

  • Ideas and recommendations to help reduce your event's carbon footprint.
  • A partner in communications that will help tell the story of your low carbon event.
  • A partner in education who can help explain the climate-related benefits of your initiatives.

Green Event Benefits

Stand out from other Conferences & Events

Educate Attendees on Climate Change Impacts

Achieve Event-Related GHG Reductions

Featured Client

“By completing its Scope 1, 2, and 3 Greenhouse Gas Inventory for BELFOR's Canadian operations, our company has gained valuable insight into how our operations affect the environment.

With that in mind, BELFOR is looking forward to implementing operational changes through a decarbonization lens with help from our partners at Carbonzero.”

Derek Smeekens
Director of Operations
BELFOR Property Restoration Canada

"The Culinary Tourism Alliance takes pride in its commitment to sustainable tourism through addressing the UNWTO’s Sustainable Development Goals. By partnering with Carbonzero to measure and mitigate the climate impact of our Feast on the Farm Event series, we were able to gather GHG emissions data and share our impacts with both our event attendees and the tourism industry.

It is our hope that sharing our success in measuring the carbon footprint of our events inspires others in the tourism industry to adopt similar solutions to reduce their own carbon emissions."

Rebecca Mackenzie
Chief Executive Officer
Culinary Tourism Alliance

“Through our partnership with Carbonzero, we were able to measure the carbon footprint of our travellers’ domestic and international trips and provide an opportunity to purchase third-party verified carbon offsets for a carbon neutral tour.

The design and delivery of the Choose Earth program, which includes carbon offsets on all North American motorcoach programs and permits travellers to offset their travel emissions at half the price, thanks to our company match, has been well received by teachers, administrators, and travellers. Collectively, this has contributed to offsetting more than 350 tonnes of CO2-equivalent greenhouse gas emissions in 2022.”

Vanessa Faulkner
Marketing Coordinator
WorldStrides Canada

"The Carbonzero team was instrumental in building our GHG emissions reduction strategy, and provided great value through helping us to strengthen our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

From assembling our GHG Inventory and providing support through its successful third-party verification, to crafting a comprehensive roadmap for our GHG reduction decisions, Carbonzero acted as truly trusted advisors. Beanfield looks forward to a continued partnership with Carbonzero for their expert insights and timely execution."

Grant Dyer
Senior Vice President of People
Beanfield Metroconnect

Other Services

GHG Reduction Services

Design a strategy that will identify and plan the required activities to help your organization reduce its GHG emissions.

GHG Inventory Services

Carbonzero provides turn-key support to its clients on GHG Inventory projects, from data collection through to GHG Inventory documentation.

Custom GHG Measurement Services

Carbonzero can help your organization with a custom project scope for any of your GHG measurement needs.