Carbonzero Registry

The Carbonzero Registry

The Carbonzero Registry is a public search portal for Carbonzero Carbon Offset Certificate holders and Carbonzero Certified clients.

The Carbonzero Registry exists to provide demonstrable proof that a carbon offset purchase has taken place. In addition to carbon offset retirements that Carbonzero performs on offset project-specific registries, the Carbonzero Registry adds an additional layer of validation that a carbon offsetting claim is true and accurate.

The Carbonzero Registry also ensures that every carbon offset purchased from Carbonzero receives a unique serial number and is retired exclusively, preventing offsets from being re-issued again at a later date.

To retrieve a Registry Entry:

  • Enter the digital carbon offset certificate or Carbonzero Certification Number
  • Review Registry Entry Results

For assistance locating a Certificate or Carbonzero Certification Number,

Click Here.