Ontario Greenhouse Biomass to Energy Project


The Ontario Greenhouse Biomass to Energy Project is located in Leamington and Flamborough and reduces greenhouse gas emissions through the use of biomass, a less GHG intensive fuel source, to decrease reliance on non-renewable thermal energy production. In the absence of this Project, the biomass used to replace fossil fuel combustion would instead have decomposed in a stockpile, storage, or landfill through anaerobic decomposition.

By preventing the decomposition of organic wood waste in landfills, methane emissions will be avoided. Methane is a powerful GHG with a Global Warming Potential approximately 25 times that of carbon dioxide and is passively released during the anaerobic decomposition of waste biomass in landfills. The diversion of biomass away from an anaerobic storage site, such as landfill, to a combustion facility avoids the formation of methane gas and achieves a reduction in anthropogenic greenhouse gases.

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