SusGlobal Belleville Composting Offset Project


The SusGlobal Belleville Composting Offset Project, located in Roslin, Ontario, is a pioneering initiative publicly listed on the CSA CleanProjects Registry and third-party verified under ISO-14064-2. Launched in 2017, this voluntary project employs advanced composting techniques using the Gore System technology and Ydro Process biotechnology. It processes a wide range of organic wastes, including sewage biosolids and source-separated organics, into premium grade A compost. This efficient method significantly reduces processing time from 8 to as little as 4-6 weeks, enhancing facility capacity and reducing energy needs. Between October 2021 and December 2022, the project achieved a reduction of 12,225 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions, showcasing its significant contribution to mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.

By diverting organic waste from landfills, the initiative prevents methane production, aligning with a circular economy and setting a benchmark for sustainable waste management. The use of the GORE Cover system underscores the project’s dedication to controlling odors and emissions, promoting community well-being and environmental health. With a projected 20-year impact, the Anew SusGlobal Belleville initiative demonstrates the potential for organic waste to contribute to climate change mitigation and sustainable development. This comprehensive approach emphasizes environmental stewardship and positions the project as a model for communities worldwide, underlining the importance of innovative practices in achieving global greenhouse gas reduction goals.

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