Clean Cookstoves in Rural Nepal Project


The Clean Cookstoves in Rural Nepal Project is a Gold Standard certified carbon offset initiative that significantly enhances energy efficiency and public health in Nepal’s rural areas. The project has reached a milestone with the installation of over 20,000 improved cookstoves and plans to deploy 50,000 additional units. This scale-up is projected to reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by 33,724 credits, marking a substantial step towards forest conservation and climate change mitigation.

The initiative also brings economic benefits by providing employment and improving local manufacturing skills related to the production and maintenance of these stoves. Clean cookstoves offer the added advantage of improved indoor air quality, significantly benefiting the health of women and children who are disproportionately affected by traditional cooking practices.

By focusing on marginalized communities, the Clean Cookstoves in Rural Nepal Project is not only an effort in environmental stewardship but also a move towards inclusive sustainable development, enhancing living conditions and enabling access to clean energy solutions. With its verified emission reductions, the project stands as a robust response to environmental challenges and a champion for community health and sustainability in rural Nepal.


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