News Release

Fullscript Achieves Carbonzero Certification

August 1, 2020

Working with Carbonzero

As a rapidly growing health and wellness company, Fullscript has taken meaningful steps that demonstrate its commitment to operating as a responsible corporate citizen. A crucial first step in the process was to complete a corporate greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) inventory to determine the company's annual climate impact and to offset those emissions as part of the Carbonzero Certification program.

Fullscript's daily operations include sourcing and facilitating the delivery of thousands of practitioner-grade supplements to integrative health practitioners across North America. With offices in Ottawa, Ontario and Scottsdale, Arizona, and operating from three distribution centres across Canada and the US, the company's physical footprint has grown in recent years.

The company decided to approach Carbonzero to complete a greenhouse gas inventory as the first step in their sustainability journey. From the get-go, it was clear that starting small was never part of the conversation with Fullscript. The company took a broad-spectrum view of the environmental impact of its operations. It included its most material Scope 3 emissions sources in its GHG inventory to better capture its corporate climate impact. Fullscript's Scope 3 sources include their business travel, third-party server electricity usage, and the emissions generated from every product shipped across North America and beyond. "It has been a pleasure to work with the Fullscript team to help them establish a corporate GHG inventory," said Carbonzero's Vice President of Advisory Services, Liam Conway. "We have seen them engage all corners of their business to complete a GHG Inventory that looks at both their brick and mortar operations, but also many of their scope 3 sources."

Achieving Carbon Neutrality

Fullscript is purchasing carbon offset projects from the Ontario Biodiversity Afforestation Project (OBAP) to achieve corporate carbon neutrality through the Carbonzero Certification program. The forest carbon project extends along the Highway 11 corridor beginning near Powassan, heading north towards Kapuskasing, Ontario. OBAP is the largest afforestation project of its kind in Ontario, developed for the sole purpose of sequestering greenhouse gas emissions and the creation of carbon offsets. "Today's announcement that Fullscript is certified carbon neutral as of 2020 is a monumental moment for our company," said Kyle Braatz, Fullscript's President and Chief Revenue Officer. "We wouldn't be living up to our core value of community if we stopped at carbon neutrality. As our leadership team continues to revisit and reinvent our day-to-day practices, we urge the integrative medicine community to do the same and to share their ideas so that we can turn them into action."

Wellness for the Planet, Wellness for People

Fullscript's commitment to investing in the health of the planet aligns with its mandate to promote a holistic view of wellness. Integrative medicine looks at the root cause of illness and seeks to provide preventative, proactive measures to ensure long-term health. Similarly, scientists have stated that reducing greenhouse gas emissions is critical to the long-term health of the planet.

The clear wellness path for climate action is carbon neutrality. "Environmental conditions are key to a holistic approach to wellness," explained Dr. Jeff Gladd, Fullscript's Chief Medical Officer. "Climate change impacts key determinants of health such as clean air to breathe, safe drinking water, and the availability of quality food. Carbon neutrality is an excellent proactive measure to support the health of our planet, and by extension, the health of our people."

Going Carbon Neutral for a Better Future

Fullscript's approach to holistic wellness is a strong example of what the future looks like in a carbon-conscious corporate environment. In becoming a carbon-neutral business, Fullscript will continue to demonstrate its position as leaders of industry in the emerging low carbon economy. Carbonzero and Fullscript are looking forward to their partnership for many years to come.

About Fullscript

Fullscript is a flexible platform for integrative health practitioners, allowing them to easily dispense supplements, grow their practice, and amplify their impact through better patient engagement and adherence. Fullscript is the leading platform for online supplement prescriptions, providing effortless dispensing and fulfilment for over 25,000 practitioners, and over 600,000 patients across the US and Canada.

About Carbonzero

Carbonzero was founded in 2006 and has rapidly risen to become a leader in the design and implementation of corporate carbon reduction strategies and solutions in the emerging low carbon economy. Carbonzero helps transform organizations by aiding them in assessing, reporting, and reducing their emissions. Our approach, tools and services ensure that our clients can cost-effectively meet their carbon auditing reduction commitments while developing the framework for implementation of reduction activities.