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Carbonzero Announces Community Micro Grant Program

June 28, 2022
Carbonzero Community Micro Grant Program|


Carbonzero is pleased to announce the creation of the Carbonzero Community Micro Grant (CCMG) program. The CCMG program releases funding once per year and specifically funds community-based greenhouse gas emissions reduction projects that require additional sources of funding to achieve their intended results.

Since transitioning its offices to fully remote workspaces, Carbonzero has been searching for an avenue in which to direct previous resources into GHG emissions reductions activities in our communities. The CCMG represents a way for Carbonzero to support the community by providing financial assistance to Canadian-based organizations that have ambitious and feasible GHG emissions reduction projects in the planning or shovel-ready stages.

Through the CCMG, Carbonzero is hoping to fund projects that not only reduce GHG emissions but have strong social benefits in the community as well. We’ll be looking to identify projects that build community around sustainability and achieve positive outcomes beyond just GHG emissions reductions.

What Might an Eligible Project Look Like?

An organization may be considering the purchase of an electric vehicle to fulfill the meal deliveries with its local food bank delivery program, where the funding is used to install an EV charger at the organization’s facility. Another example of a project the fund could support would be the implementation of a facility-wide composting program to divert food waste from landfill in effort to reduce methane emissions, where funding is used to implement an on-site vermicomposting system.

Initiatives such as these allow organizations to come together on projects that inspire sustainable initiatives, and spark conversations and ideas surrounding sustainability, reducing emissions, and community action.

Carbonzero is committing up to $5,000 to support organization(s) carrying out projects or initiatives that are achieving GHG reductions and bringing broader benefits to their respective communities. We are looking forward to supporting projects and initiatives that will have measurable GHG emissions reductions and positive social impacts in the chosen community.

How to Apply

To apply for the Carbonzero Community Micro Grant Program, head to the Application Form and submit your organization’s application through the Google Form. Be sure to note the timeline and eligibility criteria listed below. We look forward to sharing the project we will be supporting in the fall.


  • Open for Applications: June – August 2022
  • Application Review: September 2022
  • Funding Awarded: Fall 2022

Eligibility Criteria

To be a recipient of the Carbonzero Community Micro Grant, organizations must be eligible according to the following criteria:

  • The organization must be Canadian based.
  • The organization is an incorporated not for profit or charitable organization.

Eligible activities and expenses may include the following and parts thereof:

  • Capital expenses
  • Leasing costs
  • Labour and material costs
  • Technology

Application Link

Click here to apply for the Carbonzero Community Micro Grant Program.