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CZ Biz BannerBC2 Carbonzero assists organizations, institutions, governments, and NGO’s prepare for the low-carbon economy by aiding them in measuring, managing and mitigating their emissions.

Become Carbonzero Certified

The “Carbonzero Certified” program is our turnkey service for emissions measurement, confirmation and high-quality carbon offset sourcing.

Advisory Services

Carbonzero’s suite of Advisory Services assist clients that want to measure their greenhouse gas emissions and develop a framework for emissions reduction strategies. Our team of emissions measurement experts has the skills and qualifications needed to support your next sustainability project.

  • Greenhouse Gas Inventories

  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory Confirmations

  • Product Life Cycle Assessments

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator and Tracking Tools

  • Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Submissions

  • Customer Engagement Tools

Carbon Offsetting

Carbonzero is pleased to provide high-quality carbon offset projects of different standards and varieties to assist our clients to meet their carbon reduction and neutrality goals.

We help you significantly reduce your climatic impact by measuring your greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating unavoidable emissions through the purchase of carbon offsets. We are committed to providing the highest quality offsets, sourced through the most stringent verification practises, based on a principle of transparency and open audit trail.

We support Canadian and internationally-based projects that create jobs and support the local communities in which they are developed.

All Carbonzero offsets are additional, serialized, quantified, third-party verified and publicly listed on internationally recognized 3rd-party registries.

For more information, please visit our FAQ or Standards.

What is a carbon offset?

A carbon offset is a verified reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, developed to compensate or “offset” an equivalent greenhouse gas emission from another source that cannot be easily eliminated. Carbon offsets help mitigate climate change by providing financial incentives for reductions and creating new investments in ecological processes and new technologies.

Permanent Reductions

Offsets can be created when projects are undertaken to reduce, prevent or sequester GHG emissions. This can be achieved in many ways, such as the retrofitting of a building, the reduction of fossil fuel consumption, or by the displacement of a non-renewable energy source by a wind turbine, solar, or biomass.


In order to qualify as emissions credits, offsets must finance projects that would otherwise not have existed. Carbonzero’s offset projects pass additionality tests to ensure offset quality.

Stronger Communities

Our projects offer communities the benefits associated with upgraded infrastructure, social improvements, and environmental sustainability. Carbonzero is proud to support local, Canadian based offset projects.

Compliance & Cap-and-Trade services

Carbonzero works with large final emitters, and market participants supporting the design and implementation of effective Cap-and-Trade compliance strategies.

  • We advise organizations on how they can reduce their overall cost of compliance by combining the various compliance instruments and acquisition channels.
  • We provide training on the impacts of the Cap-and-Trade at all levels of an organization and train how to manoeuver and adapt to this regulation.
  • We perform risks and opportunities assessments and design risk mitigation strategies through hedging, procurement of derivatives, market optimization and operational measures.
  • We manage carbon portfolios and ensure you have access to the lowest cost allowances and offsets available.
GHG Management Strategies

Carbonzero offers expert advice, integrated system solutions, and can help you develop a complete greenhouse gas strategy to meet your requirements in a manner that best suits your organization.

Achieve Carbon Neutrality

By applying a mix of emissions reductions and carbon offsets, Carbonzero can help your company achieve carbon neutrality in an environmentally robust and cost-effective manner.

Reach Your Clientele

Now more than ever customers are looking for environmentally-minded firms. Capitalize on your leadership status by having Carbonzero assist in reaching your eco-conscious clients.

Manage Risk

Along with the risks to their reputations, organizations today are faced with increased risks from new carbon laws, fees and taxes. Carbonzero will help you chart a course through these rough waters, ensuring that you emerge a carbon champion on the other side.

Plan for the Future

By helping you manage your emissions, Carbonzero will ensure that you are ready for a world where carbon emissions are regulated, priced and socially undesirable. Carbonzero will assist your company in developing a phased approach to reduce your emissions in an itemized process. For many industries, government regulations are likely just around the corner, so understanding where YOU stand will offer a competitive advantage.

Zero Carbon Building and LEED Qualifying Offsets

Carbonzero helps building-owners and managers source carbon offsets for any residual carbon associated with a building participating in the Zero Carbon Building Standard or LEED Certification.

Please contact our Buildings Group for more information.

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