Act On Climate Change With EventRide And Carbonzero

EventRide and Carbonzero Help Sports Fans Become an 'Uber' to Act on Climate Change.

EventRide’s Green RideShare App makes it easy for sports fans to act on climate change. RideShare’s innovate technology allows fans to share rides to and from sporting and live entertainment events.

Even Leisure Time Can Provide an Opportunity to Act on Climate Change for RideShare App Users

You’ve heard of Uber, Lyft and other rideshare apps. While carpooling is a great way to act on climate change, these services differ from EventRide because we focus on high demand destinations. If you want to be there – we want to connect you with everyone else who is trying to get there. A typical taxi service may be aware of big events in the area, but there is no dedicated effort to prioritize transporting attendees.

EventRide stakes its key difference here. By focusing on high demand destinations only and offering a Green RideSharing App that offers what others don’t.

“Can Fans be their own ‘Uber’ and save greenhouse gas emissions? We think yes,” Says EventRide CEO Rod Bruinooge. “If there was ever a time that rides could be fulfilled by fans instead of full-time drivers in Toronto it is on game day.”

Fans can now share rides with each other thanks to EventRide. The ride-sharing app has been set up to specifically target attendees of sporting events and concerts.

The Green RideSharing App Experience

Fans can make a personal choice to act on climate change by exchanging rides with strangers. Thanks to EventRide, an entertainment-focused rideshare app now exists.  You’ve got to be a fan on the go – the rideshare app is aimed at sports and concert events.

Any user can download the EventRide app. Once you’ve got the app, you can look up all of the games and concerts in your area. Next, you can choose to offer a ride to others – or request a ride for yourself.

Fans can log in with their Facebook account. By linking up with a well-established social media profile, the app can provide all users confidence in who they are matched with for rides.

“We are focused on a niche, and it is one that can have significant benefits for the environment,” explains Bruinooge, a former federal member of parliament, “For every ride shared, a car is left at home. EventRide will be quantifying the carbon offsets created by fans and will be able to supply them to their home team.”

If enough people leave the car at home, the impact on the reduction of CO2 emissions can be lowered for any particular event.

Innovation Helping You Act on Climate Change

As a sports fan heading to a major event in a large city such as Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, nothing can be more frustrating than parking. With so many people heading for the same destination, not only is parking challenging to find – it can be priced at a premium. Carpooling is great if you have friends heading in the same direction – but what if you don’t?

Taking the car for one or two passengers alone just doesn’t make sense. The innovative approach of ride-sharing makes it easy to connect with people for the purposes of sharing transportation. By using the app, you’ll be cutting travelling costs and reducing CO2 emissions at the same time.

Working with Carbonzero

Carbonzero has coordinated the greenhouse gas reduction project and app for issuance of carbon offsets for EventRide.

“We applaud EventRide’s ingenuity in finding creative and social ways to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions, to help combat the effects of climate change,” says Dan Fraleigh, COO of Carbonzero. “EventRide will utilize ride data collected with their new sports fan rideshare app to quantify what emissions EventRide users have saved through using their service”.

How Carbonzero Can Help Your Business

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Carbonzero provides business owners with suggestions. We can help reduce your business’ carbon footprint. Some of our suggestions are also good cost-savings measures. We can help if becoming a Carbonzero Certified business is of interest to you.

We can suggest ways to cut back on production and delivery-based fuel that create more emissions and require greater offsets. For your non-discretionary emissions, we can recommend carbon offsets. Contact us to find out more today.

EventRide is available in all North American cities and towns. You can download the app on their website