Greenhouse Gas Inventories

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventories are essential pieces of successful Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability programs. By completing a GHG Inventory, organizations gain a clear understanding of their carbon footprint so that a GHG reduction plan can be put in place.

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Greenhouse gas inventories allow companies and organizations to measure and monitor the climate impact of their corporate operations. It is a critical exercise to complete for organizations that are looking to implement an emissions reduction strategy or for those that plan to set a GHG emissions reduction target. The results of a greenhouse gas inventory can also be published in company communications materials such as Websites, Annual Reports or Sustainability Reports.

Carbonzero has more than a decade of experience completing GHG Inventories for clients of all shapes and sizes. Our greenhouse gas quantification methodology is aligned with the leading standards and protocols, including the GHG Protocol: Corporate Reporting and Accounting Standard and ISO 14064-1.

Carbonzero provides turn-key solutions for completing your GHG Inventory:

Case Study: Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Kinaxis quantifies its 2019 and 2020 GHG Inventory with Carbonzero