GHG Inventory Confirmation

For organizations that have completed a Greenhouse Gas Inventory internally, Carbonzero provides an independent review of the source data, quantification methodology, and inventory results through a streamlined GHG Inventory Confirmation process.

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A review of a completed GHG Inventory by a qualified service provider can provide confidence to organizations that are planning to share their results internally or report their carbon footprint externally. Carbonzero’s GHG Inventory Confirmations are streamlined reviews that allow organizations to gain confidence in their greenhouse gas inventory methodologies and results. Our greenhouse gas quantification methodology is aligned with the leading standards and protocols, including the GHG Protocol: Corporate Reporting and Accounting Standard and ISO 14064-1.

As part of a GHG Inventory Confirmation, Carbonzero provides its clients with greenhouse gas quantification methodology recommendations and corrections in order to support the most accurate and transparent results possible.

The following organizations and groups may consider a Greenhouse Gas Inventory Confirmation: