Carbonzero Certified

Carbonzero has developed the ‘Carbonzero Certified’ (CZC) program to assist our clients in declaring carbon neutrality under a structure that maintains a high level of environmental integrity. The program ensures participants adhere to a stringent emissions measurement methodology and offset project selection process.

Carbonzero Certified clients receive our signature “Carbonzero Certified” (CZC) mark. This mark acts as a symbol of an organization’s commitment to the mitigation of climate change and can be used to help showcase environmental stewardship efforts.

The “Carbonzero Certified” program is our turnkey service for emissions measurement, confirmation and high-quality carbon offset sourcing.

Certification Options

What can be Certified?

We consider the efforts around carbon neutrality to be a journey for an organization, one that cannot often be achieved overnight. The Carbonzero team can work with you to develop a comprehensive carbon neutrality strategy that can be all-encompassing or address specific greenhouse gas emissions sources. From corporate travel, operations, manufacturing, and distribution to events, reports, printing, and publications Carbonzero has you covered.

Most of our clients follow one or more of these types of Carbonzero Certification (CZC) structures:

  • Corporate Operations
  • Corporate / Business Travel
  • Print Jobs (Paper)
  • Conferences and Events
  • Product Level
  • Shipping, Delivery & Distribution
Case Study: Carbonzero Certification

In 2019, Fullscript partnered with Carbonzero to receive support in measuring and reducing their corporate climate impact. Through this ongoing partnership, Fullscript measures and achieves carbon neutrality for their annual carbon footprint, while identifying potential emissions reductions initiatives across its operations.

Carbonzero Certified Client Showcase

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