The City of Toronto Municipal Organics Biodigestion Project is publicly listed on the CSA CleanProjects Registry and has been 3rd party verified under ISO-14064-2 by Carbon Quantum Inc. This project diverts municipal organic waste from traditional landfill, thereby avoiding methane emissions to the atmosphere in favor of anaerobic decomposition with methane collection and destruction.

The project achieves GHG emissions reduction by transforming organic residues into compost via anaerobic decomposition with flaring. This waste diversion portion of the project avoids a large quantity of organic residues from being buried and degraded in a landfill where the produced methane, a potent greenhouse gas, would be naturally released in the atmosphere and contribute to the negative effects of climate change.

Project Type

Verified Emissions Reductions are achieved from each project through verification and validation that is specific to each project that mitigates climate change.

Waste Diversion


Carbonzero utilizes offset standards that are subject to the Voluntary Carbon Market. Click here for a list of the standards and their definitions.





This is the year in which the emissions reductions took place for a specific project. The quantity of carbon that has been offset are validated and verified by accredited GHG auditors.



June 2014