The Southern Quebec Afforestation Project is publicly listed on the CSA CleanProjects Registry and has been 3rd party verified under ISO-14064-2 by Fournier Toupin CPA Inc. The project was created in 2014 to plant on 15 abandoned lands (or not properly regenerated) in the historical and pastoral landscape of South-Eastern Quebec and will sequester a portion of Southern Quebec’s atmospheric carbon for at least 50 years. With a total project area of 75.9 hectares and more than 146,000 trees planted, this project is one of the largest of its kind in the region.

The Project has also integrated a unique visual artistic concept. Having selected Quebec–based First Nations artist Eruoma Awashish from Opiticiwan Reserve, an Atikamekw Community to create original two-dimensional artwork inspired by the theme of the environment and the fight against climate change. This work is being reproduced in the form of an art installation, which can be viewed from the air and from space by satellite.

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Verified Emissions Reductions are achieved from each project through verification and validation that is specific to each project that mitigates climate change.



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ISO 14064-2




This is the year in which the emissions reductions took place for a specific project. The quantity of carbon that has been offset are validated and verified by accredited GHG auditors.

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