Ontario Provincial Election 2011 - Calculation Methodology

Campaign Office Assumptions

  • Office emissions assume 1500 ft2 office (see Table 1 below).
  • Office emissions includes emissions from electricity, heating and air conditioning.
  • Office emissions calculated based on Ontario Provincial average, obtained from Natural Resources Canada Comprehensive Energy Use Database – Commercial Building Sector - Offices.
  • Electricity emissions factors were used from the National Inventory Report Canada (2011): Part 3. This number fluctuates largely between reporting years since it is a function of the source of electricity (Coal, Hydro, Nuclear, etc.) that comprised the actual grid mix during the year.

Road Transportation Assumptions

  • Road Transportation calculated as Passenger Kilometer Travelled (PKT).
  • Assumes 50 people travelling 500km (or PKT).
  • Road Transportation emissions factors obtained from NIR Canada (2010): Part 1 Table 2-12. The updated NIR (2011) report did not contain updated emissions factors for road transportation, thus the 2010 values were utilized by Carbonzero (see Table 1 below).

Table 1: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Details

*The rounded value includes a buffer to account for discrepancies in data integrity and the
ability to purchase carbon offsets.

Contact Information

Should you desire specific calculations regarding the candidate in your riding, or have any further questions, please contact:

Daniel Lusina
Account Manager
Office Phone: (416) 640-8900 ext 2075