Ontario Provincial Election 2011 - Campaign Offset Tool

Why offset?

Carbon offsets are real and verified reductions of greenhouse gas emissions. Their purpose is to assist in the mitigation of climate change by compensating or "offsetting" an emissions-producing activity. By investing into improved efficiency, conservation initiatives and changes in behavior, candidates take responsibility for the greenhouse gas emissions they are unable to reduce by taking immediate action.

Carbon-neutral candidates will receive a personalized digital carbon offset
certificate to promote their investment in our environment, to voters.

Offset Your Campaign

What am I offsetting?

The following table outlines the types of activities that generate greenhouse
gas emissions for a typical candidate.

Emissions Summary

Carbonzero has determined that the GHG emissions resulting from Campaign Office and Road Transportation would be approximately 4.00 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents (tCO2e). This is based on the assumption that each office operates for 29 days (September 7 until October 5, 2011) and the entire riding of 50 people travel 500 km each for purposes of the election. For further details on our campaign emissions estimates, please visit our Ontario Election 2011 Calculation Methodology section.

*Please note that calculations may vary from the sums of the components due to rounding in the more detailed dataset.

calculation methodology

What kind of offset projects does Carbonzero fund?

Carbonzero is pleased to provide our clients with carbon offsets of different standards and varieties to assist in meeting their carbon neutrality goals. Our preference is to support Canadian based projects that create jobs, and support the local communities they are originated.

What else can I do to reduce my campaign emissions?

1) Be sure to turn off all lights and computers when nobody is in the office.

2) Evaluate the volume of paper being printed for your campaign. If necessary to print, consider using 100% recycled paper if possible.

3) Purchase local food to feed your volunteers and staff. This is also a great way to engage local farmers.

Offset Your Campaign